Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What to do if you are ever lost in a corn maze: by Yonatan Frimer

It is not a situation that you will find yourself in too often, but if you do, its a good thing to know what to do.

I am talking about getting lost in a corn maze. You might be low on water, you might be running from a stalker in a slasher-flick-like vibe or you might just want to get out of there. In either event you can use this basic rule to get out of there.

To get out, place your hand on one wall and simple walk along that wall till you get out. It might not be the shortest way to get out of there, but it will override any confusion or uncertainty that you might have and it will GET YOU OUT OF THE MAZE.

If your exit is not as urgent, but you still want to find the exit try the following:

1) ask people if they are searching or coming back from a dead end.
2) before and after every turn, take a look behind you and get a feel for the look of coming down the path from the opposite direction. This will help you learn the maze faster.
3) Jump! - sometimes you can jumpe in low walled areas and it might give you some important information about the maze that can save you the shlep down a dead end path, or even better, tell you how close you are to the exit.
4) Have Fun, don't get disappointed if you get lost or keep getting stuck in the dead end. The process of learning the maze should be fun and the next time you go through the maze you will be able to do so much faster.

Hope you've enjoyed this information on not getting lost in a corn maze

Yonatan Frimer is a Maze Artist living in Israel and has created hundreds of stunning mazes. His works can be seen at

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