Friday, August 5, 2011

Alice Cooper to use Maze to Scare Fans at Universal Studios

Visitors to the Universal Studios theme park in Los Angeles this Halloween should prepare to be scared, Alice Cooper-style. According to, the Alice Cooper Welcome to My Nightmare attraction is a “spooky” maze containing snakes, spiders, guillotines and electric chairs. It will be at Universal only for this year’s Halloween season, from September 23 to October 31.

Universal Studios creative director John Murdy said: “As a life-long Alice Cooper fan who’s been motivated and inspired by his craft, I am absolutely thrilled by this incredible opportunity. It’s a nightmare come true.”

The maze also will preview music from Cooper’s new album, Welcome 2 My Nightmare, to be released on October 17.

Cooper said in a statement that the ride “is a nightmare that will haunt visitors’ dreams for a long time to come… [It’s a] living horror movie, so there’s no place more appropriate to offer a preview of the new [record].”

got this article on Alice Coopers Maze at Universal Studios here

Zebra Maze by Yonatan Frimer

Maze of a zebra for the letter Z by Yonatan Frimer

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